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Weaning Diary – 9 months old

Posted on: 21st June 2013

Posted in: Weaning

My little one will be 9 months old next week – where has the time gone?! She continues to be a happy and thriving baby. Mealtimes are shared with whoever else is in the house (so she rarely eats alone), and we have a laid back approach to weaning. So far, she has not refused any food we have given her. She has an excellent appetite and is eating very reasonable portions of food now!

A good weaning plan for an 9 month old is to offer 3 portions of starchy food, 2 portions of meat/fish (or non-meat alternative), at least one 1 portion of diary (in addition to breast or formula milk) and at least 3 portions of fruits and vegetables each day. Tap water should be provided in a non-valved cup at meal and snack times. Additional water will be needed according to thirst, e.g. in warm weather and when baby is unwell.

Recorded below is today’s mealtime & milk feed schedule:

7.15 – breastfeed

8.00 – breakfast:  3/4 weatabix, made with whole milk

11.00 – Snack: Small clementine

12.30 – lunch: 1/2 piece of toast with olive spread & peanut butter, 5 grapes (halved) and a fromage frais

2.30 – breastfeed

5.00 – dinner: 1/2 roast pork medallion (50g), 2 roasted new potatoes, roasted carrot slices and sweetcorn (mashed/lightly blended)

1 tablespoon tinned rice pudding and 1/3 fresh pear (finger food)

6.30 – breastfeed

If you have a baby around the 9 month age, I hope this blog post gives you some ideas and inspiration. I also want to reassure you and encourage you that you are doing a great job weaning your baby! Soon you’ll look back at these months and you’ll miss them, so try to enjoy the mess and chaos! As always, feel free to ask me a question via email, Facebook or Twitter @expertdietitian.

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