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Weaning Diary – 1 year old

Posted on: 14th October 2013

Posted in: Baby Led Weaning Diary, Weaning

Today marks the end of a blogging journey – the last post in my weaning blog! My little one turned 1 at the end of September, and is now 12 1/2 months old. She is now eating normal family meals (without the addition of salt/sugar), and also stopped breastfeeding about a week before her first birthday, so no longer has milk as a main drink. At the age of 1, a baby can drink cow’s milk and water as main drinks. My little is not too keen on cow’s milk, so she has water to drink, and I make sure she has at least 3 portions of dairy foods every day to ensure her calcium intake is sufficient. To give you a snapshot of her current food intake, here is today’s dietary intake:

Today’s food intake:

8.00 – breakfast:  1 weatabix made with whole milk, and a small handful of dry cornflakes. Water to drink

10.00 – snack: 8 grapes, water

12.15 – lunch: 1 piece of bread with olive spread, 2 slices of cheese, 3 prunes, 1/2 clementine. Water to drink

3.30 – snack: 1 wholewheat cracker, water

5.00 – dinner: homemade chicken & bacon pasta bake (chicken breast, unsmoked bacon, onion, pepper, carrots, pasta, creamy sauce (cornflour, milk & low fat cream cheese). Pudding: fromage frais, chunk of apple


As per previous posts, you can use this food intake as a guide, but please remember to be guided by your baby and advice from your Health Visitor – you know your baby best. If you need tailored weaning advice, please do get in touch via phone, email, Facebook or Twitter @expertdietitian. 

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