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Why I Trust a Dietitian

Posted on: 10th June 2014

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In celebration of the first ever Dietitians Week, I have written this poem entitled “Why I trust a Dietitian”. It’s a bit of fun, but highights the importance of always checking your nutrition ‘experts” qualifications, as there are lots of ‘quacks’ about! Enjoy!


Why I Trust a Dietitian

When it comes to nutrition ‘expert’, the waters are murky,

Some ‘experts’ say I should eat nothing but turkey.

I decided to visit a nutritional therapist

To clear my mind and put their skills to the test.


So I asked the nutritional therapist what I should eat,

Secretly hoping she’d still let me eat wheat;

Don’t eat carbs, sugar or bread,

Eat coconut oil, quinoa and fancy seeds instead.”


No gluten, no wheat, no cake, no sweets,

Definitely nothing processed, and no red meat.

Drink only still filtered water from home,

And don’t forget you’ve got leaky gut syndrome!”


Please let me test your skin, blood and hair,

As your many intolerances make your immunity impaired.

Don’t forget to take your expensive pills,

‘Cos all these supplements will cure your ills.”


So now you’ve heard my rant about BANT,

I ask myself ‘to what does a Dietitian amount?’

They all have fancy letters after their names

How do I tell the difference, you hear me exclaim!


Whilst all Dietitians are nutritionists,

Not all nutritionists are Dietitians.

Dietitians are HCPC registered, and follow strict codes,

So you know you’re heading on the right road.


Simple, realistic, honest advice;

Professional and evidence based, to be precise.

Translating science to words you understand;

Explanations, information, in the palm of their hand.


If you think you have a food intolerance, only exclusion will tell;

There’s no need to cut out carbs as well.

They won’t send you off for expensive tests,

But their individualised advice is simply the best.


So why choose silver when you can have platinum?

All other competition we’ll flatten them!

They’re on a mission to give you the ammunition,

Trust a Dietitian to know about nutrition!

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