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Top tips for Healthy Eating at Work: Healthy Eating Plan

Posted on: 30th May 2013

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Expert Dietitian’s top 10 tips for healthy eating in the workplace:

  1. BREAKFAST! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – always have a breakfast before you start work. If you don’t get time to eat before work, bring something quick and healthy to eat before you start work (e.g. cereal, fruit, yoghurt or even a teacake)
  2. DRINK PLENTY! Drink plenty of fluids to keep your concentration in top form. Water, tea, coffee, squash, fizzy drinks, milk and fruit juice all count towards your daily fluid requirements
  3. TAKE A BREAK! Always take a break away from your desk or work area. If you have the time, take a brisk walk to the local park or round the block to get some exercise in
  4. CUT THE SUGAR! If you take sugar in tea or coffee, try a sweetener to cut back on the calories. Stevia is a natural sweetener that you may find more acceptable than artificial sweeteners like aspartame/saccharin. Alternatively, choose low-sugar drinks, such as water, milk, diet fizzy drinks, and low calorie / ‘no added sugar’ squash
  5. LOVELY LUNCHES! Bring in a packed lunch at least once a week. Bringing your own lunch is a great way to watch / reduce your calorie intake at meal times
  6. If you buy meals from the staff canteen, cafe or fast food outlet, remember to check out the calorie labels or choose meals labelled as healthy, if this information is available. If this information is not available, try to ensure half your plate contains vegetables, a quarter starchy foods (e.g. potato/pasta/rice) and the other quarter meat/non-meat alternatives (e.g. chicken/beef/fish/lentils/beans) if you are trying to lose weight
  7. SNACKS Bringing your own healthy snacks from home is a great idea to keep you going and help prevent you from going for the biscuit tin, office naughties or to the vending machine. Healthy easy snack ideas include fresh fruit, dried fruit, unsalted nuts (small handful), wholewheat crackers/crispbread with low fat cream cheese
  8. If you are having a staff/team meeting, ensure there are healthy options available, such as fruit in addition to the usual biscuits. If healthier options are not provided, why not bring this as a suggestion to your manager. Most managers would take their responsibility for your health and well-being in the workplace seriously
  9. EXERCISE! Review you travel arrangements – is there any way you can fit more physical activity / exercise into your daily routine? Could you… park a longer walk from walk?… get off the bus a stop earlier? … cycle or walk to work more regularly?
  10. Don’t deny yourself the occasional treat!


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