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Tag: weaning

Weaning Diary – 7 months old

Posted on: 2nd May 2013

Meadow was 7 months old at the weekend. She is growing well, between the 9th and 25th centiles, and is a happy, healthy baby. She has very much taken to our laid-back weaning approach. This generally involves giving her some mashed/lumpy food from a spoon, in addition to offering finger foods at most meals. Whoever ...
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Hearty Homemade Chicken Supreme

Posted on: 16th April 2013

This is my homemade chicken supreme recipe – an easy, cheap and filling dinner that only takes 30 minutes to make. Great when you want a filling dinner on a budget. It’s also gluten-free, so perfect for anyone with coeliac disease. As this is a healthy meal for the whole family, I used my blender to make suitable lumpy puree ...
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Baby Led Weaning Diary – Why my baby wants to be spoonfed!

Posted on: 8th April 2013

Age: 27 weeks 3 days (6-and-a-bit-months). The last 10 ten days have been difficult and challenging. Baby led weaning is marketed as being easy and rewarding for those who pursue it. However with Meadow, this has not been the case, and it has been a challenge for both of us. Meadow has not been getting ...
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Baby Led Weaning Diary – Age: 25 weeks, 6 days

Posted on: 28th March 2013

Back to basics… I have come to the realisation that I have not been doing ‘official’ baby led weaning, as I have been helping Meadow put foods into her mouth as she gets frustrated with not being able to do this herself. My ‘worried mother’ hat has come out of the closet, instead of my ...
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Homemade Hash Browns

Posted on: 26th March 2013

On my Twitter Live Chat earlier this evening (@expertdietitian), I was asked about the healthiness of hash browns. Cafe-style or shop-bought hash browns tend to be high in fat (often deep fried) and high in salt. This is my homemade hash brown recipe – it works well using a griddle-style pan or a non-stick frying ...
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