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Training for Competition

Whether you are new into competing, or have been competing for some time, it’s always worth reviewing your diet to see where you can make improvements. You’re likely to be doing a mixture of regular training and competition (which may be seasonal), and you probably hold down a job too, so may feel like you’re stretched fairly thin. Getting your nutrition right both in your training schedule and on competition days can have a big impact of your performance.
The following tips may give you some initial advice:

How I could help - You may like some support for the following:

  • Calculating your nutritional requirements according to the demands of your training schedule and translating this into real food advice for your sport
  • Providing advice on eating for your specific training schedule
  • Providing advice on specific nutritional needs before, during and after training
  • Providing specific advice on how to manage your nutrition and hydration on competition days, match days or events