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If you’re a relative beginner in your chosen sport, you may not have thought about the impact nutrition can have. From reducing muscle ache and general fatigue, to helping you to recover quicker after exercise, good nutrition has a big role in supporting your training and overall health.

Weekend Runner

If you hold down a regular job during the week, the weekend may be your time to get out and enjoy the elements in your chosen sport. It may be that you are a runner, cycler, swimmer or aspiring triathlete – either way, good nutrition is important not just on the weekends when you’re exercising, but also during the week.

Training for Competition

Whether you are new into competing, or have been competing for some time, it’s always worth reviewing your diet to see where you can make improvements. You’re likely to be doing a mixture of regular training and competition (which may be seasonal), and you probably hold down a job too, so may feel like you’re stretched fairly thin. Getting your nutrition right both in your training schedule and on competition days can have a big impact of your performance.


Sports nutrition is a relatively new and emerging speciality in the nutrition world. It’s a fast-paced and exciting world of new theories being developed, and new evidence coming to light as a result of new research.

Whilst many people go it alone without the support of a health professional, you will probably at some point find yourself googling something to do with sports nutrition! With so many websites, nutritionists and personal trainers claiming to be qualified to advise in this area, it can be confusing where to find good, solid advice. As a minimum, you should seek someone with a degree in a nutrition-related subject, and as a gold standard, ensure your chosen professional is registered on the Sports and Exercise Nutrition register (SENr).

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As a Sports Dietitian registered with the Sports and Exercise Nutrition register (SENr), Annemarie has the right skills and professional training to help you. Annemarie completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Sports Nutrition with Distinction from St Marys University in Twickenham in 2015. In addition to this, she’s been qualified as a Dietitian for over 11 years. She is also specialised in managing IBS, diabetes and weight issues.

Services offered around sports nutrition include:

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