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14-Day 1200 Calorie Weight Loss Menu Plan

Price: £2.99

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Do you want to lose weight in a healthy sensible way?

Would you benefit from having a menu planner to help you plan your meals?

If so, then this 2-week 1200 kcal weight loss plan is for you! Expect to lose at least 2lb a week on this plan (it may be less than this if you already have a healthy BMI). Continue with the plan after the 2 weeks to lose more weight, or revert to the 1500kcal menu planner, which is coming soon.

Written by Expert Dietitian this 1200 kcal menu planner consists of 7 breakfasts (there are some repeats meaning you don’t need to buy as much), 14 lunches, 14 dinners, and a choice of 21 snacks. It’s been designed with easy lunches in mind (which are easy to buy at the local shops if you prefer to buy your lunch out whilst at work). Dinners are simple to prepare, with all ingredients listed. Each meal includes a breakdown of the number of calories (kcal), carbohydrate, protein and fat in the meal, to enable you to confidently swap options and still balance the calories.

All meals are balanced, including some starchy carbohydrate and protein, along with your 5-a-day and oily fish once a week. There is a good mix of variety, including red meat, chicken, fish and vegetarian meals. I will be creating a 2 week plan specifically for vegetarians, which is coming soon.

Also included are Expert Dietitian’s top 5 tips for successful weight loss, ‘rules’ for the 14-day plan, and information about how much weight you should expect to lose – all in a 5 page pdf download.