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Product Review: Meridian Nut Butters

Posted on: 13th January 2014

Posted in: Reviews

Last week I was sent a jar each of smooth peanut butter, smooth almond butter and smooth cashew butter from a company called Meridian to review. Let’s just say that I found all 3 of these nut butters absolutely delicious! The whole family got involved with the nut butter loveliness.



All 3 nut butters are being enjoyed by the whole family. I have found them very versatile – we’ve had them on toast, in porridge, on oatcakes, as a dip with veggie sticks and in a chicken casserole. I have been used to eating peanut butters with added salt and sugar, and was worried that these nut butters would not taste salty enough. However, they didn’t disappoint – the naturally occurring salt and sugar in the nuts provided more than enough flavour. They are a lot less ‘solid’ that traditional nut butters, and taste lighter too. Don’t forget to give them a good stir before serving, as some natural separation occurred.

The nutrition part

I was very impressed with the nutritional content of these nut butters. They are 100% nut – no added ingredients such as salt, sugar or oil that other brands often add. Because of this, these nut butters are low in salt and sugar (containing only a small amount of natural sugar in the nuts themselves). As you will probably be aware, nuts themselves are naturally high in fat, containing around 50g of fat per 100g product. Although the majority (around 80%) of this fat is mono- and poly-unsaturated fat, nuts are still high in calories, so sensible portions should be eaten, especially if you are trying to lose or maintain your weight. A portion – 2 teaspoons (16g) contains around 100kcal. This portion size is shown visually in this picture:


A portion (2 teaspoons, or 16g) of nut butter


Meridian nut butters are also a good source of protein, containing between 20g (cashew), 25g (almond) and 30g (peanut) of protein per 100g of product. A typical 2 teaspoon (16g) portion on a piece of toast will provide between 3.5g and 5g of protein (depending on the nut butter used). They are also organic, suitable for coeliacs and vegans.

The packaging

My husband and I both really liked the packaging. The jars look very attractive, and the label has been well thought out, and definitely portrays the natural-ness of the product you find inside the jars. The peanut butter comes as a 280g jar. The almond and cashew nut butters are available as 170g jars.


Meridian’s peanut butter is available in health food shops and online. Meridian’s almond and cashew nut butters are available in supermarkets.

The bottom line

A delicious range of nut butters that I am likely to buy in the future. However, just watch the portion sizes – it’s easy to overdo. For more information on Meridian’s nut butters, you can visit their website.



Disclaimer: All views and opinions expressed in this product review are all my own and this is not a product / company endorsement or recommendation. These products were sent to me for free, and no financial compensation has been involved by me writing this review.

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