Children’s Nutrition

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Children’s nutrition

From birth (and even pregnancy) right through to the teenage years, nutrition plays a key role in a child’s development. Potential nutritional issues a child may be faced with range from milk allergy, to weaning issues, to fussy eating, to weight management issues as they go through the school system.

Infant feeding & weaning

As a new mum, infant feeding and weaning can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. Whilst it’s often the right thing to trust you own instincts, if you feel you would like some advice or even reassurance, please get in touch.

Milk Allergy

If your child has been diagnosed with milk allergy or has a suspected allergy, your GP should refer you to an NHS allergy specialist and NHS Dietitian. However, the wait for these services can be several weeks. If you need some immediate advice or support, please contact me.

Weight management

With the massive rise in childhood obesity over the last decade, many parents are showing concern for their children’s weight. A 1-2-1 consultation may be all you need, or you look at arranging a food diary analysis to show you how your child’s diet compares with recommendations for their age and activity.

How I could help?

Annemarie has been specialising in under 5s nutrition and health promotion since 2010. She currently has a contract with her local Council to provide nutritional expertise to staff (e.g. health visitors, midwives and Sure Start Children’s Centres) working with families. She is particularly experienced in supporting parents manage issues around infant feeding, weaning, fussy eating and overweight / obesity management. If you are concerned about any aspect of your baby or child’s nutrition, please get in touch to discuss how I could help you.