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Saturated Fats – Truth vs Myth

Posted on: 20th October 2015

Last week’s blog was all about trans fats, and as promised, this post is about saturated fats. Now before I start, it’s important to point out that this post is not about demonising particular nutrients  – there is a place for everything in a balanced diet. Often, however, if you cut down on total fats, ...
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Trans fats

Posted on: 7th October 2015

When you look at popular media, there always seems to be a new food or nutrient being demonised… fats, carbohydrate, sugar, fruit – the list goes on. However, when it comes to fats, the feedback I’ve had is that the general public are confused. Which types are ok, and which are not? Fats come in ...
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10 ‘healthy’ foods you didn’t realise contained added sugar

Posted on: 4th September 2015

Sugar has been in the media a lot recently, and there are so many mixed messages. Just this week during the Great British Bake Off, we were informed that a cake containing honey or agave syrup as the sweetener was ‘sugar free’! Well we took social media by storm to inform the nation that this ...
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Is juice an option for children?

Posted on: 16th July 2015

Earlier this week on my Facebook page, I asked for suggestions of what topics people wanted covering in my blog. As this was a popular choice, I thought I’d start with this. As a mum of three children myself, I have first-hand experience of how difficult it can be to get children (especially toddlers) to ...
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Fluid: How much and what counts?

Posted on: 30th June 2015

Fluid: How much and what counts? When it comes to fluid, there are many conflicting messages, as with other nutritional messages. How much should I drink? Do tea and coffee count? What about alcohol? How much? – If you look on the NHS Choices website for the official UK guidance, you will see the advice ...
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