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Baby Led Weaning Diary – Age: 24 weeks, 2 days

Posted on: 17th March 2013

Posted in: Baby Led Weaning Diary

This week has been a week of firsts for Meadow, with the introduction of lots of new tastes and textures. She has particularly enjoyed the fruit, but has been slightly unsure about some of the vegetables (namely cauliflower!) I have particularly not enjoyed the changes to her nappy contents, which happened almost instantly with the introduction of solids! After the successful carrot challenge on Monday 11th March (previous post), I started offering something small at both lunch and tea. It’s really up to you how quickly you want to introduce the second meal and it’s best to be guided by the baby. I plan to just give lunch and tea until Meadow is 26 weeks, at which point I will introduce breakfast. This is because after 26 weeks, all other foods can be introduced, including wheat-containing breakfast cereals, well-cooked egg pieces and bread/toast fingers. Remember to avoid honey until 12 months. Bread/toast is an obvious breakfast choice for babies using the baby led weaning approach. Here is a record of the foods Meadow has eaten this week, and some pictures to illustrate. You will see that she has tried 9 different foods in the last week. Next week I intend to try a variety of new foods, as well as providing those foods I know she enjoys.

Monday 11th March – tea: one small carrot baton

Tuesday 12th March – lunch: 1/4 small banana, tea: the end of a broccoli floret & a small piece of softened apple

Wednesday 13th March – lunch: 2 small pieces of softened apple, tea: piece of boiled potato

Thursday 14th March – lunch: small stick of cheddar cheese, tea: taste of cauliflower and broccoli

Friday 15th March – lunch: few mouthfuls of banana, tea: 2 chunks of avocado

Saturday 16th March – no lunch (too tired), tea: 1 chunk of avocado & 1 chunk of softened apple

Sunday 17th March – few mouthfuls of avocado, tea: 2 pear quarters, tinned in natural juice

First tastes of avocado

First tastes of broccoli

I thought it might be useful to share Meadow’s daily routine, to include her usual milk, solids and sleep times, to give you an idea of what a baby might be doing at this age. I hope you find it informative and beneficial, but please remember that all babies are different, and do not worry if your baby is doing things differently. Once she is eating slightly larger amounts of food at tea-time, I will drop the 5pm breastfeed.

Meadow’s daily routine:

7.15am – Wake and breastfeed

9am till 10am – Nap

10.30/10.45am – Breastfeed

11.45/12 noon – Lunch

12.15/12.30 till 2ish – Nap

2/2.15pm – Breastfeed

4-4.30pm – Nap

4.45/5pm – Small breastfeed (1 side only)

5pm – Tea

6.30pm – Breastfeed

7pm – Bed (and time for mum & dad to chill out after a long day!)

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