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Baby Led Weaning Diary – Age: 23 weeks, 3 days

Posted on: 11th March 2013

Posted in: Baby Led Weaning Diary

Attempt 2 of the ‘banana (aka carrot) challenge’ = success!

Today Meadow ‘helped’ me to cook by wanting to chill out in her baby carrier whilst I cooked the tea. Tea was somewhat late at 6pm after picking up from after-school cooking club and having an optician appointment. Hence little one was rather tired but still managed to attempt some food. She enjoyed holding pieces of carrot and sucking on them. She even swallowed a small amount. Then we had some mild choking noises (normal at this stage!) which she was able to quickly remedy herself. The nice thing about baby led weaning as that you don’t need to keep giving the same food for a few days in tiny quantities, but you just give the baby whatever you’re eating (provided it’s not a food best ‘avoided’ as weaning has started under 26 weeks) and let her go with it. I look forward to trying her with something new tomorrow.

The following foods are best avoided until 6 months (26 weeks) of age:

        • Meat, fish & eggs
        • Soft & unpasteurised cheeses
        • Wheat & gluten, e.g. pasta, bread, cereals
        • Honey (avoid until 1 year)
        • Nuts & seeds
        • Citrus fruits
        • Added salt and sugar (avoid until 1 year and generally for healthy eating purposes)

However… note that this may change in the future as current research continues!!

The best ‘first foods’ to include if starting weaning prior to 6 months (26 weeks) are root vegetables, e.g. carrots, sweet potato, swede (well cooked), potatoes and non-citrus fruits, e.g. avocado, apple, banana, pear (steamed or baked to soften if needed)… And ditch the baby rice with baby led weaning! Once Meadow hits 26 weeks, I intend to include all the above bullet-pointed list in her diet.

There is no need to avoid nuts once a baby is 6 months (if there is a family history of severe nut allergy/severe asthma or severe eczema, then caution should obviously be taken and individualised advice sought). Whole nuts should be avoided until the age of 5 years due to their choking hazard. Meadow has some mild eczema and my husband had childhood asthma, but I will still be trying her with nuts (in the form of nut butter) soon after 26 weeks. Recent research suggests that including all the main allergens as soon after 6 months as possible will result in baby being less likely to have a food allergy in the future. The main allergens parents are often concerned about are gluten, nuts, milk/dairy foods and certain fruits, e.g. citrus, strawberries and kiwi.

Here are some pictures from today:

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